2002, Beethoven 9th Symphony at Summum

For the celebration of its 25-year anniversary, the orchestra gathered three hundred european musicians in the playin of Beethoven’s ninth Symphony, sponsored by famous highly-talented Ivry Gitlis. L’Orchestre wins the Golden Star Award from the European Union for its performances in Oxford in December 2001.

From 2007 to today, the adventure with La Fabrique Opéra

In 2007, for its 30th anniversary, the Orchestra launched a crazy adventure with the production of Mozart’s Opera The Magic Flute, alongside with La Fabrique Opéra. This was a tremendous success, with more than 8,000 spectators in 4 concerts at the Summum, the biggest attendance ever for a classic show in Grenoble.

Since then, the Orchestra collaborates every year with La Fabrique Opéra Grenoble and performs in great lyrical pieces of the repertoire, with:

  • 2008 : La Traviata, Verdi
  • 2009 : West Side Story, Bernstein
  • 2010 : Don Giovanni, Mozart
  • 2011 : Carmen, Bizet
  • 2012 : Aïda, Verdi
  • 2013 : Nabucco, Verdi
  • 2014 : The Tales of Hoffmann, Offenbach
  • 2015 : The Magic Flute, Mozart
  • 2016 : Rigoletto, Verdi
  • 2017 : La Bohème, Puccini
  • 2018 : Carmen, Bizet
  • 2019 : La Traviata, Verdi
  • 2022 : Cabaret, Kander et Roméo et Juliette, Gounod (report du au Covid de l’opéra de 2020)
  • 2023 : Turandot, Puccini

More information on www.lafabriqueopera-grenoble.com

2010, The Rite of Spring

An emblematic work of symphonic music that is both audacious and technically demanding, Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was performed in 2010 for the first time by a live orchestra in the Grenoble area.

The task was large as this magnificent music presents rhythmic and technical difficulties. This was an additional motivation for the orchestra, which managed to play a repertoire traditionally devoted to professional orchestras, proving once again the quality of the orchestra and its supervisors.

It was also the occasion of a beautiful musical featuring with Caroline Casadesus on the 4 latest lieders of Richard Strauss.

From 2013 to today, “In the Head of a Conductor”

The public often wonders what a conductor is for. Is it really useful? What are his gestures for? How does he makes his gestures understandable to musicians? Do all the conductors do the same thing, the same gestures? To all these questions, it is difficult to answer with words. We thought that the best answer, the most entertaining and useful, was to share with the public, the intimacy of our work. Let’s sit within the audience or even within the orchestra ….

During the working sessions, we offer a real exchange with the audience, some of whom is sat within the orchestra itself. Besides, what do we hear in the orchestra next to a flute or a double bass? Patrick Souillot, through a permanent dialogue with the public and the musicians, explains the way he works. A unique and captivating experience that will perhaps give birth to some vocations and that will certainly bring the public closer to musicians.

2014, Alès and New Year’s Concert

In January 2014, Alès city ordered the Orchestra a program of Waltzes for two concerts to celebrate the new year. The Orchestra made the trip to the “Crater” Hall of Alès to give two concerts in front of 1600 people. This was a nice moment of conviviality.

2015, the orchestra and Variety

Always ready to face new challenges, the Orchestra played a program of French songs in June 2015 to bring together lovers of classical music and fans of French songs. With famous Grenoble singers like Gagarin, the Orchestra is enriched with another way of working, learns other sounds and other colors.

2015, the opening of the Berlioz Festival

The reputation of the orchestra has led producers of the Berlioz festival to order a unique program of movie music at Château de Sassenage. The orchestra especially brought together musicians from all horizons to play outdoors, at the end of August, on a large stage specially set up for the occasion at the back of the Château. 2200 people installed throughout the park were able to discover or rediscover popular and accessible music.

2016, The international pianist soloist Gülsin Onay

The orchestra has hosted many great soloists in its lifetime. In 2016, an exceptional soloist came to perform Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto. A unique moment shared with amateur musicians. Gülsin Onay, soloist in more than 72 countries alongside the greatest artists, winner of the Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud competition, has given more than 2000 concerts in her career. A privilege for the audience and musicians.

2017, the regional contest Talents Classiques

With the support of the Caisse des Dépôts, the Orchestra has created a new regional competition for instrumentalists in the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region. The objective is to promote the quality of the talent of our region and the dynamism of music education. This first contest was a success with many participants.

The Jury gave three prizes: the Best Talent Award, the Promising Talent Award and the Jury Prize, which were awarded to 10-25 year old soloists. This contest ended with a series of gala concerts that took place the same year. The edition is renewed in 2018, and in 2019.

More information on the website www.talentsclassiques.fr

2018, The Musical and Equestrian Parade of the Berlioz Festival

For the second time, the orchestra was chosen by the Berlioz Festival to perform with fanfare in the big hall of the Côte Saint André : Berlioz’s Grande Symphonie Funèbre et Triomphale. 180 Musicians, 200 singers, a brand new formation that takes place on August 26, 2018.

To honor Berlioz, in this first commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his death, the Berlioz Festival will propose a parade, alongside with an equestrian parade, on  Rue de la République, in La Côte-Saint-André. From the Hector-Berlioz square to the Hall where Paul Claudel, in 1935 wrote the most beautiful pages on Berlioz.

More information on the website of the Berlioz Festival.

2019, The French Song in Symphonic.

With the Chorus of La Note Bleue, directed by Valérie Michelli, the Orchestra dives into a new repertoire by proposing a new type of program with choir and symphonic orchestra. Great songs of Piaf, Aznavour, Hallyday are offered to the public for 5 unique performances in Isère. For the occasion, arrangements were specially composed for the orchestra’s staff by three arrangers.

2020, a home video with all orchestra members.

The virus confined all members of the orchestra for several weeks. Music brings us together. Each of us at home has decided to share a warm moment of music around the waltz of Shostakovitch. 70 musicians were there!

2021, the opening of the Berlioz Festival “Back to life”

In August 2021, the Orchestra comes out of its confined break by participating for the third time in the opening of the 2021 Berlioz Festival on the theme of “Back to life”. An extraordinary concert on a stage set up for the occasion on the lake of Roybon, with a whole set of water jets, lights and fireworks. The Orchestra gives a complete symphonic program in the first part on the theme of water (Moldau, Swan Lake, the storm from Beethoven’s 6th symphony, …), followed by Handel’s Water Music in 2nd part in a small reduced ensemble. A magical and grandiose moment that no one will be able to forget.

2022, a new American musical: Cabaret by J. Kander.

In 2022, La Fabrique Opéra is thinking big since it is programming two operas in the same year. Among them, a musical that caused a sensation: Cabaret by J. Kander! This sublime Broadway comedy from the 60s tells the story of a writer Clifford Bradshaw who falls in love with Sally Bowles, leader of the Cabaret le KitKatClub, originally performed by Liza Minelly! For the occasion, La Fabrique Opéra Grenoble is starting a collaboration with La Fabrique Opéra d’Alsace, to join forces around a monumental show, of which here is the trailer.