About us

Created in 1977 by university professors and CNRS researchers, the University Symphonic Orchestra of Grenoble is an original ensemble, renowned at the European level for its quality and its dynamism.

The aim is to enable young musicians to make progress by proposing ambitious concerts, to enlarge the audience of classical music and to promote conviviality in a warm atmosphere.

But first of all, The University Symphony Orchestra of Grenoble is a good mood, little madness, and training to promote quality concerts and ambitious projects. It is also trips and exciting experiences.


The Orchestra essentially broadcasts its programs in the Rhône-Alpes region. Its links with musicians or choirs encourages the Orchestra to play throughout France (Montpellier, Besançon, Paris, Orsay, Gap, Lyon, Bourgoin, …) but also abroad during tours or university partnerships: Munich , Constance, Florence, Bologna, Stuttgart, Oxford …

The Orchestra and its guests

With about 100 musicians, the Orchestra welcomes non professional musicians supervised by a professional team. Conducted at its creation by Jean LAISNE, the Orchestra was conducted then by Miguel GRACA-MOURA and then Jérôme PILLEMENT.

Since 1989, Patrick SOUILLOT has been the musical director. Under his leadership, the Orchestra is approaching an eclectic and high-level repertoire combining great masterpieces, little-known or contemporary composers, movie scores, musicals, operas, and so on.

For its spectators, the Orchestra has recorded CDs and DVDs, which are available for sale at concerts, or can be bought directly by contacting the association.

Open to all music styles and fancy experiences, the Orchestra has hosted Jacques ATTALI for his beginnings as an amateur conductor. This enriching experience brought to concerts in Grenoble and a prestigious evening at the Marigny Theater in Paris, for the launch of the Publicis Events Worldwide network. Subsequently, the Orchestra had the pleasure of bringing back Jacques ATTALI as director in 2024 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this meeting for a series of concerts on Schubert’s 9th symphony.

The Orchestra has also been directed by the great geneticist Daniel COHEN, especially for a fabulous concert at the Palais des Congrès in Paris for the Telethon (Concerthon 2005), featuring Youssou N’DOUR and Elie SEMOUN.