Mozart Forever – June 2017

In June 2017, the University Symphonic Orchestra of Grenoble welcomed Clara Manaud and Antoine Pecqueur, two bassoonists for a program under the banner of W. A. ​​Mozart.

Mozart Forever saw O. Messiaen performed two highly talented soloists in the Bassoon concerto, as well as German Dances and Mozart’s Symphony No. 35, “Haffner”.

For the last program of the season, the University Symphonic Orchestra of Grenoble has proposed three varied and playful works by the Austrian composer.

First of all, the Bassoon Concerto, the opportunity to discover the warm sounds of this instrument, written by Mozart at the age of 18 years. This is the first concerto written by Mozart for a wind instrument. The first movement is in the form of sonata and starts with a long instrumental introduction. The slow movement is based on a theme that Mozart will later take up with the Air of Countess Porgi, Amor in his famous opera Les Noces de Figaro. The rondo finishes the concerto.

Composed in Prague, the German Dances are playful and short pieces, chained continuously, intended for bourgeois salons at the time of Mozart.

Symphony No. 35 was commissioned by the mayor of Salzburg, Sigmund Haffner, who had just been anoblished and desired a Serenade to celebrate the event. As he sent him two minuets, promising to finish his work quickly, Haffner canceled his order and the score fell into oblivion. Mozart himself took it later for one of his concerts. He modified its form: the Symphony No. 35 called “Haffner”, was born.