CANCELLED : In the head of a conductor – 12th March 2021

This year, In the head of a conductor offers a fun and interactive session presented by Patrick Souillot with choirs, soloists and orchestra.For the first time at the Pléiade in Allevard. Booking here !

People often wonder what is a conductor for. Is he really useful? What are his gestures for? How does he get understood by musicians? Do all conductors do the same thing, the same gestures? To all these questions, it is difficult to answer with words. We thought that the best answer, the most fun and educational, was to share with the public the intimacy of our work. So settle into the audience within the orchestra and let’s begin….

During the working sessions, we offer a real exchange with the public, part of which is installed within the orchestra. Besides, what do we hear in the orchestra next to a flute or a double bass? Patrick Souillot, thanks to a permanent dialogue with the public and the musicians, will explain the way he works. A unique experience which will perhaps give birth to some vocations and which will undoubtedly bring the public closer to the musicians.

This year, the show In the Head of a Conductor is based on extracts from Romeo and Juliet by Ch. Gounod, woth the orchestra of course, but also choirs and soloists from La Fabrique Opéra. More than 140 people on stage, but also the public settled in the heart of the orchestra, to make you live a fun and interactive evening, guided by the explanations of Patrick Souillot.

A show not to be missed!

  • March 12th 2021 – 08:30pm – La Pleiade – Allevard – France

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